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COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

As of July 1, here us what we know about the 2020-2021 school year.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Pandemic is not yet over.  Some states are still seeing a rise, or a resurgence, in confirmed coronavirus cases. With this in mind, we remain aware things can change within days or weeks. Our plan, based upon PA Department of Education and CDC guidelines, is fluid, so we have the ability adapt quickly and effectively as circumstances warrant.

As of July 1, here is what we know about the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Our goal is to create as “normal” an experience as possible for our students and families while considering the overall well-being of our students and staff in all aspects: physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and educationally.
  • Masks will not be required in classrooms where social distancing is practiced; it is our goal to practice social distancing in the classroom to the maximum extent feasible in accordance with the PA Department of Education and the CDC. However, families who would prefer their students wear masks will not be prohibited from doing so.
  • Please be aware that we do not control what the bus companies will require. It is possible that they will require masks and social distancing. We don’t have that information yet.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations and COVID awareness charts will be place through the school.
  • Social distancing will be practiced to the extent feasible, and traffic flow will be managed throughout the school.
  • Temperature checks on all students will be held at the door in the morning using contactless temperature sensors.
  • Teachers and staff will be trained on procedures to maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  • Additional cleaning procedures will be implemented on a daily basis.
  • We will emphasize with students the importance of frequent hand-washing and they will be trained on health and safety protocols in the school.
  • We will be discontinuing the hot lunch program for the time being. A box lunch will be made available for purchase, or students can pack their own lunch. More details on this to come.
  • We will require each family’s help by asking you never to send a sick child to school. For prolonged absences, at-home learning protocols will be put into effect.

Again, know that this plan is our plan as of July 1. Any changes and modifications of the plan will be posted here as soon as we make them. Please pray that God continues to work to reduce and eliminate the effects of COVID-19 in the world.

In Christ,

The Leadership Committee and

Administrative Staff of Hillcrest Christian Academy