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Teaching Minds, Training Hearts

Hillcrest Christian Academy and schools like it exist in a large part to be a beacon of light in an increasingly dark world, reinforcing Biblical principles in character development and strengthening a Biblical worldview in the hearts of children.

Thousands of children have roamed the halls of the Academy in the past 36 years. Each of those souls is unique and precious in the sight of God.  They are no less precious in our sight.  Even more precious are the ones still to come, for they are our new mission field.  They are the new hearts we must train to love God, and the minds we must teach to not only succeed in the world, but to go out and change it.

Is this a world that needs changing?  We think you would agree with me that it is.  Those who do good, like our policeman and military, are being openly vilified in our society.  We speak more about the rights of those who do evil than we do about those who stand against the evil.  Alternative lifestyles are seen as normal by the majority of people today; celebrities and the mediums in which they perform are reinforcing that idea in the hearts of our children every day.  Morals and values, especially Biblical values, are not only being mocked and ridiculed, they are being openly eradicated by the culture in which we live.  This is the society that our children are growing up in.  And that is why what we do here at the Academy is so important.  It is an investment into the lives of our children, and as such, into our future.

But it cannot stop there.  Our mission is not just to train hearts, it is to teach minds.  And educationally, we strive to be excellent in all we do.

Hillcrest Christian Academy is proud of its academics and rightfully so.  Our school, from Kindergarten through High School, is accredited by not only the Association of Christian Schools International, but also by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.   We maintain the strictest standards of academic education, because when students leave Hillcrest, we want them to be prepared for the very best colleges out there.  Our core subject teachers are certified by the state of Pennsylvania and by ACSI, and many hold Masters Degrees in their field.  Not every Christian school can boast this, but we are proud of this fact, because we know that it means that children are getting the education they deserve. 

We believe in your child's God-given potential to excel.  And we look forward to the opportunity to serve your family through Christian education.