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Financial Aid

There are two primary ways to receive financial aid at Hillcrest Christian Academy:


The Gift Cards for Credit Program is a great way to reduce the cost of your tuition! By purchasing gift cards for your everyday shopping, and encouraging others to do the same on your behalf, you can earn up to the entire cost of your tuition! A percentage (anywhere from 2% to 20%!) of each gift card purchase is credited to you for your tuition at three times throughout the school year.

Gift cards are purchased and redeemed for the full face value of the card. The tuition credit is paid for by the retailers who desire your business!

Are birthdays or anniversaries on the horizon? Does the family need haircuts? Is it time to get groceries (again)?   Plan ahead and save!

But I like my Gas Perks, you say. Buy your Giant Eagle or Shop N Save gift cards at Hillcrest and use those to buy all the gift cards you want at the supermarket of your choice!


You can drop your order off in the office any day throughout the week, but make sure it is there no later than 8:45 a.m. on the Friday before the order date. (Orders are placed every two weeks on average.) Pick up your order the following Friday from 8:30 TO 9:00 at the school. Please check the Friday Folder GCFC Announcements regarding changes in order/pick up times due to the holidays and school closings.


HCA keeps many of the most popular gift cards in stock. You may purchase those on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 8:30 to 9:00 at the school.

Program Rules and Guidelines

  1. The Gift Cards for Credit Program runs weekly regarding placing orders and/or purchasing “cash and carry” gift cards. When placing an order, make sure your order is on time; late orders may have to wait until the next cycle.

  2. All orders must be accompanied by a check. “Cash and carry” purchases must be paid by check only. Please no third party checks. Checks must be made payable to Hillcrest Christian Academy.

  1. We encourage family and friends to help with your tuition reduction by ordering or purchasing “cash and carry” cards. The name of the family receiving the credit must be on the order form. Card purchases made on your behalf are not returnable.

  1. When you pick up ordered gift cards or purchase from stock, we ask that you recount your order and verify its accuracy. Your initials on the GCFC Form indicate you have received your order in its entirety. In the unlikely event you should find a discrepancy in your gift card order, please contact the GCFC Team within 24 hours.

  1. Gift cards are the same as cash, and should be handled accordingly. HCA will not be responsible for certificates that are lost, stolen or misplaced while in your possession.   Cards may have an expiration date varying from six months to two years, and some stores limit the amount of change that may be returned from a gift card purchase. See individual cards for details.

  2. If your child(ren) no longer will attend HCA for whatever reason, the monies held within your family account will be credited to the HCA General Fund. There will be no cash refunds made.

  1. Parents looking to the future and planning to enroll their young children at HCA may begin to participate the year prior to enrollment. Please contact the office at 412-854-4040 for more information.


The Tuition Supplement program at Hillcrest Christian Academy is funded by Pennsylvania’s Education Improvement Tax Credit Program. This program allows certain companies and corporations within the state to donate their taxes to the school of their choice instead of paying them directly to Harrisburg. We have partnered with several companies already, and are happy to offer scholarships to our families based upon income, assets, and debt.

To see if you qualify, you may fill out the application for financial aid that is found in the enrollment package online. Your eligibility will be determined based on your responses on the application. Your child must be enrolled at HCA before you can apply for a tuition supplement.

In addition, there are times when we are made aware of other scholarships that may be available, and we communicate that as the opportunity arises.

If for some reason you do not qualify for a tuition supplement (and most people do), but you have recently experienced a personal downturn economically, speak to our Principal or Development Director. There may still be options open to you, and we can help you explore those options.

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