HCA Dress Code

Why are we reinstating uniforms?

Appropriate student dress and good grooming practices affect the overall environment and operation of a school. Clothing and appearance should not be a disruption or distraction to the learning environment. Plus, acceptable clothing and appearance at HCA is based on the Biblical principles of neatness, appropriateness, and modesty. We define that as neat, clean, well-kept, properly-fitting, modest, humble with appropriate creative expression.

  1. Hillcrest Christian Academy stands for the highest standards of morality and behavior.
  2. Our faculty and administration are here to assist parents to provide a quality education.
  3. We are an extension of the Christian home and local church, and not a substitute.

For the full HCA dress code, please click here.

Wherever clothing is purchased, it must follow the dress code

Quick Tips

  1. Uniform clothing is required to be worn in grades 1-12 unless other attire is authorized by the administration.
  2. The dress code applies to all HCA supervised events.
  3. There are separate guidelines for Dress Down Days. Click here for Dress Down Days guidelines.
  4. Preschool and kindergarten students are not required to wear uniforms but are expected to follow styles in keeping with the atmosphere of a Christian school.

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Additional Uniform Buying Options

Wherever clothing is purchased, it must follow the dress code. For the full dress code, click here.

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