High School

What do you look for when selecting a high school for your child?

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Strong Academics

HCA recently conducted a study of 7th and 8th grade parents at the school and asked them that question. Most responders (57%) said that “Strong Academics” were the most important thing they look for. Hillcrest Christian Academy has over 35 years of experience in providing outstanding academics in grades K-8, and we have brought that same level of expertise to the high school level.

  • With honors-level courses in social studies, math, and the sciences, HCA offers a challenging curriculum.
  • We host our own chapter of the National Honor Society.
  • Through Geneva College and Carlow University, Hillcrest Christian Academy offers dual-enrollment college-level courses in algebra, calculus, chemistry, English composition, research and writing, engineering, and computer science.
  • Makers space, worship team, robotics, computer science, & home economics

Hillcrest students have the benefit of a Christian guidance counselor to help them through college testing and application procedures, as well as to help them discover what their God-given purpose in life is. There is no place that a Hillcrest graduate cannot go, since our high school is recognized by, and accredited by, the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Biblical Worldview

The second most important thing that survey responders look for when choosing a high school is “Biblical Worldview.” According to a 2005 study on youth entitled, “National Study of Youth and Religion,” thousands of teens who were raised in a Christian home but now considered themselves to be non-religious were asked why they no longer practiced their faith. The most common answer (32%) was intellectual skepticism. Humanism and relativism is the overriding worldview of public education today. Mix this with a culture in which drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity are seen as the “cool” thing to do, and you have a potentially faith-derailing experience.

Now that is what makes Hillcrest the right choice for your family. Everything your child is taught is filtered through the lens of Biblical truth. Students graduate Hillcrest with a stronger faith and the ability to meet the world on God’s terms, not the world’s. At the high school level, students have:

  • Daily Bible classes
  • Serve others through service projects
  • Participate in weekly chapel services

All of these activities are structured to challenge the students into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and to build up within them a spirit of Christ-likeness.

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Athletics and Fine Arts

Some of our responders mentioned that a comprehensive sports program is important to them. HCA is a member of the Southwest Christian Athletic Conference and competes with local Christian schools in basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track and field. Hillcrest also fields baseball teams through the Bethel Church League.

And if fine arts is what you would like to see in a high school, Hillcrest is on stage with you on that one too. In Spring 2019, High School students presented their first musical production, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There is also the worship team, choir, and band for those with truly musical talents.

In 2016, HCA completed construction on an Upper School building complete with a fully equipped science lab, an outdoor courtyard in which high school students can enjoy lunch, spacious lockers, and Wi-Fi technology. We offer a highly academic, 21st century, distinctively Christian high school experience. You owe it to your students to check out Hillcrest Christian Academy–the right choice for high school.

Distinctively HCA

We chose Hillcrest Christian Academy because of the strong Christian curriculum, small class sizes, weekly chapel, and the opportunity for a PK-12 education. The amazing teachers and wonderful staff are always giving great attention and care to all students and families. We are so thankful to be involved and have our children attend such a great school.

-Vineyard Family