Preschool Year Overview

  • Listening and understanding basic Bible stories
  • Understanding the Bible is God’s Word
  • Understand and participate in prayer
  • Understands and memorizes Bible verses
  • Developing a sense of accomplishment and positive self-image
  • Learning to respect, cooperate with their peers
  • Working on strengthening large motor skills through play, songs and activities
  • Providing manipulative materials and activities to develop fine motor skills
  • Increasing attention span through listening activities, group and individual activities
  • Problem solving
  • Count to 30
  • Beginning recognition and counting sets of numbers 1-10 (We cover 1-20)
  • Beginning recognition of shapes and colors
  • Learning basic patterns
  • Recognition of upper and lower case letters and their sounds
  • Visual Discrimination: matching, comparing, sorting and organizing.
  • Printing first name with upper and lower case letters. Recognizing their name and classmate’s names.