group of students at HCA Gala

High School Gala

Our high school students kicked of the Christmas season with a fun night of fellowship at the Annual Christmas Gala. Students dress in formal attire and come to the school for an evening of dancing, food, games and fun. A lot of hard work goes into transforming our cafeteria into a Christmas wonderland with over 15 Christmas trees. Even veteran English teacher, Mrs. Siverts joined in on the dancing.


group of veterans at HCA

Honoring Veterans at Hillcrest

Our students came together on Veterans Day to honor local veterans and remember their sacrifice. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade performed songs to honor veterans, and then all our students heard presentations from one active duty and one retired marine. They were able to learn more about what it means to serve. Hillcrest was honored to be able to invite veterans from our community into our school and celebrate their service with them.


Friendsgiving at HCA

Thanksgiving with Hillcrest

Our upper school students, grades seven through twelve, celebrated Thanksgiving together with a potluck meal and chapel message. Each student provided an item for the meal, then came together in fellowship together. Students heard a bible message from local youth pastor, Dave Barr, and discussed what they have to be thankful for this year. This was a great way to celebrate together before going on break.


Hillcrest Welcomes the Return of Pre-K

Hillcrest students and faculty are so excited to see the return of four-year-old preschool this year. Due to low enrollment during pandemic restrictions, we were unable to have a preschool class. However, this year enrollment is back and we are so excited to see our youngest students return to our building. Our preschoolers are led by a veteran early education teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Janusey. Students meet Monday through Thursday mornings to learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, and the bible. They even went on a field trip to Trax Farms in September to learn about fall!

Annual Corn Drive

Every year our student council, comprised of high school students, organizes the Annual Corn Drive. During this event Hillcrest students collect cans of corn and turn them in at school. These cans are then donated to Light of Life Rescue Mission, to be used in their Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes. These boxes are distributed to individuals and families in need during the holiday season. Students, kindergarten through 12th grade, compete for the title of most cans donated by a class. This is such a fun way to serve our community and get into the holiday spirit.

Steam at Hillcrest

STEAM is an education buzzword that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. In recent years, as more and more companies make strides in technological innovation, it has become vital that these subjects are incorporated into the classroom and our children's education.

Our kindergarten through sixth grade students have a STEAM elective built into their schedules weekly, giving them an opportunity to learn about technology in a way that is geared toward their age and experience. Our Makerspace offers middle and high school students a physical space to practice the hands on approach to problem solving, and an introduction to technology they would use in a professional setting.

In addition to our Makerspace, we offer a robotics course, and a dual enrollment engineering course, where students can also earn college credit. We are excited for the educational opportunities these courses bring to the school and to see how our school's STEAM program will continue to grow in the years to come.